Press Release

January 11, 2017

New York, NY
January 11, 2017

PGA Aviation LLC ("PGA") recently advised a major industry leading mid-life aircraft investor regarding its winning bid for the phasing out of eleven (11) in-production model used aircraft by one of the biggest mainland China network carriers.
The deal is one of the biggest used aircraft sales and purchase transactions to date under the new regulatory requirements recently imposed by the PRC Government for the phasing out of aircraft and aircraft engine assets by Chinese state-owned airlines. 
For more information about the pertinent PRC Government rules, please see PGA's 2016 Q1 report at  The deal was structured to be in full compliance with all applicable PRC Government regulations, including the most recent ones.
PGA was formed in 2010 in New York.  Since it's formation, it has done business with, and/or served as advisor to, three of the four major mainland China airline groups and several Chinese bank-owned leasing companies, as well as with numerous western aviation service providers seeking to do business with the lucrative and growing Chinese aviation community.  Completed transactions have covered new and/or used in-production aircraft, out-of production aircraft, spare engines, and various categories of aviation-related services. 
We look forward to serving our clients and the entire Chinese aviation industry with creative solutions to their aircraft transaction and services needs.
For further information, please contact:

Jessica Chiu
Investor Relations
PGA Aviation LLC
(206) 905-9828