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Partnerships, no matter which country you are domiciled in, cross-border aircraft deals are common in the aviation industry

PGA Aviation LLC ("PGA") is an aircraft re-marketing firm, incorporated in New York in 2010.

Our core team members have accumulated many years of experience with the biggest airplane OEMs, leasing companies, airlines, and Wall Street law firms. Collectively, we possess strong backgrounds in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Engineering, Maintenance, Legal, Contracts, and Finance.

Our main focus is aircraft asset-based cross-boarder transactions.

PGA has a strong network globally and maintains excellent working relationships with airplane OEMs, airlines, leasing companies, aircraft investors, private equity firms, parts-out companies, and a first-tier global appraisal firm. We currently assist many of China's major airlines in phasing out their aged fleets. We also work closely with major Chinese bank-owned leasing companies in the areas of appraisal, technical service, consulting, and asset management, through an exclusive arrangement with a first-tier global appraisal firm.

PGA holds strong working relationships with major US-based equity investment firms and leasing companies that specialize in mid to mature life aircraft asset investments. Depending on the nature of each transaction, we are able to actively originate and execute specific multi-party airplane transactions, bringing value to stakeholders.



Our strategy is to build a unique China-related aircraft re-marketing firm, i.e., an aircraft/engine deal brokerage firm in the US but with a focus on China.

We interface with aircraft buyers and sellers, airlines, traders, private equity aviation funds, aircraft asset managers, and leasing companies. We help Chinese airlines and fleet owners phase out aged fleets to buyers and lessors from all over the world.

Collectively our team members have sold several hundred new airplanes into the China market, for both Boeing and Bombardier, the main-liner OEM, and the regional aircraft OEM, during their employment tenures there.

Our company is founded in the western world, but we have a deep understanding of Asian cultures.

As such, both Western rules and Eastern considerations are analyzed and incorporated in the deals that we structure and/or consummate. This approach fosters a high level of reliability and trust by all stakeholders.

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